US impose new tarrifs and duties against Chinese imports

US impose new tarrifs and duties against Chinese imports

*WASHINGTON - On the eve of renewing talks to try to defuse the spiraling trade dispute with China, the US Commerce Department hit the country with import duties of 132 percent on metal pipe.*

Commerce said China was selling the large diameter welded pipe used in the oil and gas industry far below the fair price, and that dumping harms US industry, according to the preliminary decision.

US imports of the pipe from China last year totaled $180 million.

Although this case is a separate from the series of punitive tariffs that President Donald Trump has imposed on thousands of Chinese goods, it is another example of the aggressive tactics against Beijing to try to protect US industry and lower the trade deficit.

Canada also was found to be dumping the product, and will face duties of over 24 percent, while India was slapped with a tax of over 50 percent, Commerce said.

Greece and Korea will face 22 percent duties, while Turkey will be charged up to five percent.

Six US pipe manufacturers filed the antidumping complaint with the Commerce Department in January.

Commerce said it will make a final ruling in November on whether the pipe from China and India is dumped into the US market.