Actress Armeena Khan reveals she is sexually assaulted too

Actress Armeena Khan reveals she is sexually assaulted too

ISLAMABAD - Actress Armeena Khan takes over twitter to raise her voice against sexual harassment and questions the safety of females in Pakistan. Her tweet explains how she was covered head to toe but was gropped by two men in a very public place.

Her tweet shows how it doesn’t really matter how a female is dressed she still has got high chances of being harassed. Her tweet gave a lot of other people the power to speak up but the replies which followed were really disturbing.

Faceless people saying illogical stuff only because it’s about females:

And I am damn sure that she had not register the complaint in nearby police station after that incident because it's a good story to earn followers on twitter and for further career development rather wasting the time in registering a fameless complain .

— Usama Qayyum (@PatriotUQ) April 21, 2018 <link>

Every guy was quick to make a “point” or raise a question, why aren’t they quick to CHANGE themselves?

Btw she explained how she was wearing a burqa.

This person basically wants all the females to lock themselves up as that is the only convenient solution, LOL:

Learning from the incident would obviously be a lot more difficult for men and bashing the victim is just so convenient, well done:

Its her made up story when she ran out of arguments i.e to defame the country and get attention of indians / celebs to came in to grab the bone and start barking. Stupid lady . Shameless . Liar . #metoo <link>

— Bagar Billa (@BillaBagar) April 21, 2018 <link>

After reading so many replies I realized how women are coming together, standing up for each other and even sharing their own personal experiences whereas majority of the men commenting were just there to create an argument. Very few guys were seen saying logical things which is very sad as most of the girls in our next generation will even have to face sexual harassment.