Musharraf medical report terms fake in judge’s detention case


ISLAMABAD: Fake medical report has been submitted by Musharraf in judge’s detention case while court once again issued non-bailable arrest warrant of Musharraf, rejecting plea of immunity from presence before court.


As per details, ATC judge Sohail Akram heard the judge’s detention case here at today (Friday). During the hearing, Musharraf’s counsel submitted plea of immunity from presence before court and medical report of Musharraf.


Court expressed its displeasure over the report, terming it fake and said that Musharraf went abroad in March then how can you submit his medical reports in April. 


ATC Judge said in his remarks that the accused did not appear before court for last two years and why he went abroad without taking permission of court. Musharraf’s counsel replied that his client would be present before court if provide security and doctors allow him.


Police Officials also submitted report in the court, arguing that non-bailbale arrest warrant of accused could not be executed because accused has went abroad.


While rejecting immunity plea from presence before court, ATC again issued non-bailable arrest warrant of Musharraf and ordered police to present accused in court on May 20.