Heatstroke in Karachi claims two lives

Heatstroke in Karachi claims two lives

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Two persons died of heatstroke on Friday in Karachi amid forecast of more hot and humid weather during next 24 hours.

The deceased belonged to Manghopir area of the metropolis.

According to Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), a possible heatwave is expected to hit the port city of Karachi, as temperature would gradually increase from 38øC to 40øC, a private news channel reported.

"Due to a high pressure cell, the winds would take turn from southwesterly to northwesterly gradually which would bring hot and dry air mass to Karachi and other coastal areas cutting the sea breeze," the Met Office reported.

"Day temperatures would gradually increase on Friday from 38øC to 40øC on Sunday and then it would start decreasing attaining the normal level on Wednesday. Winds would start blowing from the sea restoring the sea breeze."