Muhammad Amir mocks Muhammad Hafeez over recent statement

Muhammad Amir mocks Muhammad Hafeez over recent statement

In a special gathering at the National Cricket Academy in Lahore, former cricketers and members of the technical committee, Misbah-ul-Haq and Mohammad Hafeez, pointed out the Pakistan team's flaws observed during the Asia Cup.

Nevertheless, as per a tweet from a sports journalist, both Misbah and Hafeez expressed reservations about the selection committee's choices for the World Cup squad. They reportedly raised questions about the reasoning behind certain player selections and advocated for including Sarfaraz Ahmed instead of Mohammad Haris.

Hafeez, feeling misrepresented, took to his social media platform to voice his dissatisfaction with the situation. He criticized the journalist, denouncing the news as fabricated and expressing disappointment over being mentioned inaccurately. However, later on, both parties deleted their tweets.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Amir showed support for the journalist and indirectly criticized Hafeez, stating, "Brother, you are doing a great job. Keep supporting team Pakistan. If someone changes their statement, it is their fault, not your fault."

It's important to note that the meeting involved a comprehensive assessment of Pakistan's performance in the recently concluded 2023 Asia Cup. The discussion covered an analysis of the team's weaknesses during the Asia Cup and strategic considerations for the upcoming World Cup. Importantly, the announcement of the World Cup squad is expected by the end of the week.