Hackers steal data of millions of Pakistanis and place on dark web for ransom

Hackers steal data of millions of Pakistanis and place on dark web for ransom

Hackers have successfully infiltrated the software systems utilized by numerous restaurants in Pakistan, resulting in the unlawful acquisition of personal information from over two million Pakistani citizens, according to a report by the 24NewsHD TV channel on Wednesday. The stolen data has now made its way onto the internet, igniting significant concerns regarding the affected individuals' privacy and security.

The hackers, in a daring move, shared photos as samples of the stolen data in their online advertisement. Their claim extends to pilfering the customer databases of more than 250 restaurants, encompassing sensitive information such as credit card numbers and mobile phone details.

Shockingly, the hackers demanded a ransom of two Bitcoins in exchange for the vast trove of citizens' data, with one Bitcoin valued at a staggering $27,000 or over Rs 15 million in Pakistani currency.

In addition to the ransom demand, the hackers also exposed a chilling selection of personal data belonging to various Pakistanis as a disconcerting preview. The leaked information divulges comprehensive transaction histories, divulging the frequency and amounts of payments made by individuals at different restaurants. Furthermore, the hackers' advertisement furnished a comprehensive list of the numerous targeted restaurants, ranging from small-scale establishments to larger, more prominent ones.

This security breach has also shone a spotlight on the widespread use of a software application named "Indalodge" employed by hundreds of restaurants throughout Pakistan, raising concerns about the security of similar systems in the country and prompting authorities to take immediate action to safeguard citizen data and privacy