Apple iPhone 15, 15 pro Max new features and options revealed

Apple iPhone 15, 15 pro Max new features and options revealed

Apple, the California-based tech giant, has unveiled its latest iPhone 15 series, which is now open for pre-orders and is set to hit the market on September 22, 2023. Notable enhancements have been introduced to both the pro and non-pro versions of these models, including fresh color choices, a subtly curved frame, and a significant addition: a new USB-C charging port.

In this guide, we will explore key factors to contemplate when transitioning from your current smartphone to the newly launched iPhone 15 series. This series comprises four models, beginning with the most budget-friendly option boasting a 6.1-inch display priced at $960 USD. For those seeking a sizable entry-level phone, the iPhone 15 Plus offers a 6.7-inch display and a long-lasting battery at a cost of $1,081 USD.

Next in line is Apple's premium offering, the iPhone 15 Pro, featuring a titanium mid-frame, USB-C for faster data transfers, and a triple camera setup, available at an official price of $1,623 USD.

Lastly, Apple's flagship model, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, stands out with a 5x optical telephoto lens and a base version offering 256 GB of storage, making it the most expensive device at $1,923 USD.

For current iPhone users, upgrading to the iPhone 15 series is a straightforward process, depending on their existing device. However, those who possess accessories compatible with the Lightning connector may need to purchase an additional USB-C to Lightning connector from Apple to ensure compatibility with the iPhone 15 series.

If you're seeking the ultimate iPhone experience, the iPhone 15 Pro Max remains the top choice