Former PM Nawaz Sharif stunned his party leadership

Former PM Nawaz Sharif stunned his party leadership

ISLAMABAD - The PMLN leader Nawaz Sharif’s speech appeared to have stunned his party members, with whom it appeared the contents of the speech were not previously consulted.

The speech was delivered from London and was hyped up for two days by Maryam Nawaz Sharif on Twitter.

Party members speculated that the speech was a hardline speech that indicated that the thinking of the brother of PMLN Chief, Shahbaz Sharif, had not been proceeded with. The timing of the speech comes yet three years before elections.

There are also no signs of resignations from the assemblies by either PMLN or any of the other party participants of the APC. Government ministers expressed indifference to the speech, while some belittled it. In the party some wondered will this mean a continued unity of the party given this stunning speech.