Syria Peace Talks: Has the world community failed

Syria Peace Talks: Has the world community failed

Syrian Armed Forces have resumed their air strikes against the ISIS and the rebels after the failure of the peace truce brokered by US and Russia.

Syria peace truce once again has failed and fighting has resumed in the war torn country.

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Syrian opposition leader Riad Hijab on Tuesday accused world powers of showing "total weakness" in the face of the Syrian regime's renewed attacks and the collapse of a ceasefire.

Hijab told reporters that Russian and Syrian planes bombed an aid convoy that was en route to Aleppo to deliver food and other basic supplies to 78,000 civilians.

"Regime and Russian planes are responsible for this attack. No one else has aircraft in that area," said Hijab, who is the coordinator of the High Negotiations Committee (HNC) seeking agreement on a political transition.

Hijab said a HNC member who was escorting the convoy had provided him with photographs of the attack that he described as "very precise."

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Russia and Syria have denied any involvement in the strike on Monday that destroyed 18 trucks in the 31-vehicle convoy.

"Through this tragic incident it is the United Nations that is directly hit," Hijab said.