US Military Base destroyed in Syria: Report

US Military Base destroyed in Syria: Report

MOSCOW - The US Air Force has delivered airstrikes on the Al-Qulaib military base in the north-eastern Syrian province of Al-Hasakah, which American forces themselves occupied not long ago, Syria’s SANA news agency reported link. The base had a runway that was used to receive military shipments from cargo planes and helicopters.

The base had just recently been abondoned by US troops amid a Turkish offensive in northern Syria, which has already resulted in an incident where American soldiers nearly got shelled by their Turkish NATO allies.

While the US Defence Department has not commented on the news, the reported bombing of the abandoned base could be part of measures that are being taken to prevent equipment remaining there from being seized by Russian or Syrian forces.

Previously, US troops destroyed a radar in the same Al-Hasakah province that they apparently couldn't pack together in time, and what's left of a military camp in Dadat near the Syrian city of Manbij.