Sharif dynasty's fall: Rebellion, Mutiny or Intra Party Coup

Sharif dynasty's fall: Rebellion, Mutiny or Intra Party Coup

ISLAMABAD - According to reports, as many as 40—some have suggested even 100—sitting and former members of the Punjab Assembly have decided that Nawaz should step aside as PML-N chief in favour of his brother Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

These reports have further strengthened the notion of a split in the party amid growing fear that party president might be taken down by the court.

These party members gathered at Shaukat Lalika’s residence on Thursday, where they have reportedly called for strengthening Shehbaz’s role in the party in the absence of Nawaz Sharif, as well as suggesting that the Punjab CM be given the reigns of the party.

The sources said that the MPAs were of the view that Nawaz should detach himself from the party in the next elections if he wanted to save himself. “We are against confrontation with the institutions and will not be a part of such policy,” they quoted the MPAs as saying.

This development should be viewed in the backdrop of an earlier press conference by the disgruntled PML-N MNA Riaz Pirzada, who had voiced concern over his name appearing in a purported Intelligence Bureau’s list which contained another 36 of colleagues from South Punjab.

Another development worth noting was the meeting of Maryam Nawaz with Shehbaz’s family.

The meeting—chaired by Provincial Minister Labour and Human Resource Raja Ashfaq Sarwar—was hosted by Shoukat Ali Laleka and attended by the following: Ch Iftikhar Hussain Chachar, PP-188; Arif Mahmood Gill, PP-59; Muhammad Afzal Gill, PP-274; Ch Abdul Razzaq Dhillon, PP-33; Muhammad Asif Malik, PP-41; Malik Muhammad Waris Kallu, PP-42; Ch Muhammad Iqbal, PP-98 ; Syed Hussain Jahania Gardezi, PP-213; Saira Iftikhar, W-331; Nadia Aziz, PP-34; Advocate Ch Tahir Ahmad Sindhu, PP-30; Amir Inayat Khan Shahani, PP-50; Tariq Subhani, PP-125; Rana Muhammad Afzal, PP-128; Muhammad Anis Qureshi, PP-176; Malik Ahmad Saeed Khan, PP-178; Amir Hayat Hiraj, PP-216; Ramesh Singh Arora, NM-368; Muhammad Kazim Ali Pirzada, PP-273; Ch Zahid Akram, PP-282 ; Muhammad Ejaz Shafi, PP-290; Ch Mahmood ul Hassan, PP-294; Farhana Afzal, W-315; and Alia Aftab, W-338.