Indonesian President desires to enhance economic ties with Pakistan

Indonesian President desires to enhance economic ties with Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: President of Indonesia  Jokko Widod, emphasized  to create a strong business relationship between both the countries to promote bilateral trade, time to time business delegations should visit each other, he also added.

 Shamoon  Zaki President P.I.B.F. point out to sign FTA between both the countries during the meeting,

At the opening ceremony, President of P.I.B.F Mr. Shamoon  Zaki visited Trade Expo-2017 along with his delegation directors Miss. Tajwar  Baig, Abid  Nisar, Shahzad  Mubin, Aslam  Firpo & Mr. Zohaib  Khan.

 Shamoon  Zaki expressed his views & said, both the countries have very good & strong diplomatic relations so bilateral trade must be promoted by giving amenities to both side’s traders to find new venues to explore the business. Pakistan  is one of the most important business partners of  Indonesia because  Indonesia exports Palm Oil, Betel Nuts, Chemical, Tires, Soap & it's raw material in handsome quantities

 During the meeting with the president of  Indonesia, Mr. Shamoon  Zaki emphasized to sign the F.T.A so that, maximum benefits can be enjoyed by the traders of both ends. Governments of both the countries should give relaxation not even to increase the trade but, brotherly relations as well & during the session Mr. Shamoon  Zaki (president P.I.B.F) appreciated cooperation & support of Indonesian Embassy & the consulate  also.

 During the visit, Mr. Shamoon  Zaki & directors have also signed  MOUs with their matching business partners & they also visited various industries to observe the product of their interest. 

To increase bilateral trade, he also invited Indonesian businessmen to visit  Pakistan to introduce Pakistani Products so  that export from  Pakistan can also be increased. NNI