Saaf Dehaat programme launched by Punjab government

Saaf Dehaat programme launched by Punjab government

RAWALPINDI: The government of Punjab has initiated Khadim e Punjab Saaf Dehat Programme’s first phase in the rural areas of the province.

The project will focus on cleanliness and waste management in the villages.

Talking to official sources said as many as twenty thousand dustmen would be inducted in the first phase of the project whereas 4400 garbage containers would be installed in 3200 villages of the province.

The project worth’s Rs 18.5 billion and is one of the mega projects of the country.

The sources said the local government and CommunityDevelopment Department had started work after employing the technical servicesof the urban unit to devise a comprehensive plan for waste management in therural sector.

The sources added that the programme would be implemented bythe local government institutions and this would bring waste management systemat union council level in the rural region.

A private company would be given the task to properlycollect and dump the garbage. In the first phase 400 vehicles would be providedby the private company which would be used to dump the garbage at 100 differentlocations.

However the waste management system would also work to turnthe temporary dumping places into parks and would also produce electricity fromthe waste.

This would help to decrease the ongoing energy crisis and to developeco-friendly system.

The sources said a final deadline would be announced by theend of December to start the Saaf Dehat programme for cleanliness system in therural areas.



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