The Russian passenger aircraft over Sinai was blasted with the help of Soda Bottle bomb: ISIS claimed

DAMASCUS: The Islamic State ISIS which has claimed responsibility for the downing of a Russian passenger plane over the Sinai Peninsula last month, released an image that purports to show the improvised explosive device used to kill all 224 people aboard the Metrojet flight from Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. In the latest issue of Dabiq, the Islamic State’s glossy online magazine, first disseminated through Telegram, an encrypted messaging app, a picture shows what ISIS says were the components of an IED: A Gold Schweppes Pineapple tonic water can and two devices containing wires, one with a switch. It includes a caption that says, “EXCLUSIVE – Image of the IED used to bring down the Russian airliner.” As for the deadly attacks in France, the ISIS magazine says that the terrorist group had not forgotten that French airstrikes against Islamic State militants began on Sept. 19, 2014, in Iraq. The article further said that the leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had vowed revenge. “Thus the Islamic State dispatched its brave knights to wage war,” the article says. “The eight knights brought Paris down on its knees, after years of French conceit in the face of Islam,” quoted New York Times.