Pak-US relations may go in doldrums over F-16 issue 

Pak-US relations may go in doldrums over F-16 issue 

ISLAMABAD: PM Nawaz Special Assistance on Foreign Affairs Tariq Fatemi said that he made it clear to Obama administration that  stopping Pakistan assistance by USA would affect the relations of both countries.

As per details, he was interviewed by a British Broadcast institution here at today. President Obama and John Kerry are friends of Pakistan and they have always protected interests of Pakistan, Tariq added expressing his hope that they would succeed to convince US Congress for Pakistan financial military aid.

He further explained that US Congress has not stopped Pakistan aid but put some condition in this regard but it is not the matter of Pakistan to convince Congress.

Talking about F-16 aircrafts, PM Assistance underlined that negotiations are underway between both countries and he hoped that matter would be resolved soon.

He further elaborated that Pakistan did not conduct operation against terrorism in Pakistan to please anyone but action against scourge of terrorism is in our national interest while US Senate and Administration have been informed by Pakistan that action against terrorism is not only in favor of Pakistan but also in US and world.

Responding to a question, Tariq rejected the claims of secured hideouts of militants in North Waziristan saying that 180,000 Pak Army and Air Force personnel are busy to eradicating militants in this area.

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