Pakistan Day: Pakistan Air Force – A Symbol of Glory

Pakistan Day: Pakistan Air Force – A Symbol of Glory

Air force along with navy and army is an important pillar of the state defense. In modern war fare air force is the back bone of the military strength. Air force protects the ground forces from air and destroys the enemy before they attack. Air force can fight the war against foes where ground forces cannot approach.

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) was established with the foundation of the country in 1947, and was made responsible for the defense of the country’s airspace.

Pakistan Air Force PAF is a sixth among top ten air forces of the world with approximately 65,000 personnel including 3000 pilots.

PAF comprised of almost 930 aircrafts in its fleet. Along with defense, PAF becomes the spotlight during marvelous air shows at Pakistan Day Parade on 23rd March. A wide range of aircrafts take part in it. Few pictorial highlights of Pakistan Day air show are expressed under:

There are number of state of the art aircrafts including trainer, transport, interceptor, attack and surveillance under operation of Pakistan Air Force . Few remarkable aircrafts (manufactured internationally or locally) along with their pictures and names are following:

1. A-5 (1983 to Date):

2. ALOUETTE-III (1967 To Date)

3. ATTACKER (1950 – 1956)

4. AUSTER (1947 – 1961)

5. DOVE (1949 – 1961)

6. B-57 (1957 – 1988)

7. BOEING 707 (1986 To Date)

8. HERCULES C-130 (1963 To Date)

9. F-16 (1983 To Date)

10. F-6 (1966 – 2002)

11. DA-20 FALCON (1973 To Date)

12. MI-17 (1967 To Date)

13. MUSHSHAK MFI-17 (1974 To Date)

14. MIRAGE (1968 To Date)

15. JF-17 THUNDER (2005 To Date)

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