US is failing to implement nuclear deal with Iran: Ayotallah Khamenei

TEHRAN: Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei claimed that US is failing to implement nuclear deal with Iran.


He claimed that the sanctions were lifted on paper and US is trying to put hurdles in the way of Iranian economy.


He said “They have lifted the sanctions… but, in fact, they are working to prevent the lifting of sanctions from taking effect.”


He claimed that Iran is facing transaction problems in western banks which are working under US influence.


He claimed that US is not respecting his commitments in connection with Iran’s nuclear programme.


He said “The candidates for the American presidency have competed to vilify Iran in their speeches, and this is a sign of hostility.”


Khamenei claimed that steps have been taken to promote the economy which will help to fight recession and confront the threats of enemies.


He said “I do not expect that these problems will be solved in a year, but I’m sure that if appropriate actions are taken, we will see the effects at the end of the year.”