GB Govt presented an annual budget of over Rs 62.95 billion for 2019-20

GB Govt presented an annual budget of over Rs 62.95 billion for 2019-20

Gilgit Baltistan budget with total outlay of more than sixty two point nine five billion rupees was presented in the assembly tonight.

Minister for Finance Gilgit-Baltistan Muhammad Akbar Taban presented the budget for next fiscal year.

In the budget 1.26 billion rupees allocated for education, 587 million rupees for health and 558 million rupees for home and prisoners department.

Similarly, twenty million rupees for information department, twenty nine million rupees for services and administration. 

Minister said that 2.9 billion rupees earmarked for power sector to overcome its shortage from Gilgit Baltistan. He said 360 million rupees allocated for Agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries department and 190 million rupees for Forest, wildlife and environment department.

Finance Minister announced twelve percent adhoc relief to employees of grade one to sixteen and five percent from 17 to twenty grade besides ten percent increase for retired employees. 

He said under public sector development program 2.4 billion rupees earmarked for completion of eleven projects.

He said Government has demanded creation of fifteen hundred new vacancies for Gilgit Baltistan. Akbar Taban said in the budget 500 million rupees proposed for newly created districts Gupis Yasin, Dareal Tangir and Roundu.

Earlier, the Gilgit Baltistan cabinet headed by Chief Minister Hafeez-ur-Rehman formally approved the budget proposals.