High Blood Pressure: Causes and Remedies

High Blood Pressure: Causes and Remedies

ISLAMABAD, June 21 (APP): High Blood Pressure: Causes and Remedies


Senior Family Physician Dr Sajjad Ahmad  Malik Tuesday recommended that healthy lifestyle and balanced diet  would help control blood pressure level in human body.


Talking to a private news channel, he said two crucial numerator  and denumerator conditions of the blood pressure were systolic and  diastolic which helped provide blood in all parts of the body and heart, and any disturbance in its flow could cause high or low blood pressure  issue.


He said 50 per cent of people of above 50 years age could have blood pressure. Likewise, 30 per cent of below 30 years people may suffer from blood pressure while its ration in kids could be 5 to 10 per cent.


He said blood pressure issue in men and women, he said men above 60  years can be suffering from 60 % of blood pressure while women above 60 to 70 years are 70% blood pressure patients added its ration in women is much more than men.


Dr Sajjad said blood pressure was a genetic problem which could be  caused due to unchanged non-environmental factors and changeable environmental factors such as diet, lifestyle etc etc .


He said mostly the people, who shifted from rural to urban areas,  suffered from blood pressure problem as there occurred change in their physical activities. Consumption junk food and alcohol, besides smoking   were other reasons for blood pressure, he added.


He said a blood pressure patient could fast during Ramzan  taking prescribed medicines after Iftar or Sehr.


Replying to a question, he said high blood pressure could  cause heart issues, failure of kidneys, brain hemorrhage,  paralysis and feet problems, besides affecting eye sight.