Salma Khan emerged victorious in Hub Rally Cross 2019

Salma Khan emerged victorious in Hub Rally Cross 2019

BALOCHISTAN - Two talented aspirants, Asif Imran and Salma Khan, emerged victorious in the sixth edition of Hub Rally Cross 2019 at the Max Dirt Arena in Hub, Balochistan on Sunday.

Asif, who hails from Karachi and had been managing the Max Dirt track, won the “A” Prepared Class event. He spent eight minutes and 33 seconds to claim the title.

Eminent racers, Nadeem Khan and Irfan Mian came second and third respectively.

Asif, a seasoned racer himself, maintained that “absence of skilled drivers like Nadir Magsi and Asad Khuhro helped him claim the title”.

Salma Khan from Peshawar clocked nine minutes and 13 seconds to defeat rival veteran Tushna Patel. Salma, who drove with co-drover Nadeem Khan, rode a 5000 CC vehicle whilst Tushna drove a 2800 CC car. While, Asma Asif, who stood third, achieved the feat in 12 min and 02 seconds.

Prize money worth one million was distributed amongst the top rankers.