President Alvi urges youth to get prepared for 4th industrial revolution

President Alvi urges youth to get prepared for 4th industrial revolution

KARACHI: President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi has urged the local youth to get itself well prepared for the 4th industrial revolution that is fast taking the world by storm and would be the key to virtual existence.

Addressing an estimated number of 5000 candidates appearing for entrance to the Presidential Initiative on Artificial Intelligence and Computing here on Sunday, he said each and every nation/country has to be part of the game that has begun in form of artificial intelligence, data computing and information technology.

Highlighting the relevance of youth, comprising significant majority of the country’s population, the President of Pakistan emphasized that they must develop skills to keep abreast of the unfolding challenges manifested in form of artificial intelligence, block chain, cloud computing,robotics etc.

These are the technologies that are bringing about sweeping changes across the globe and no country can afford to keep itself detached,” said President Arif Alvi.

He said the current impact of artificial intelligence and data computing that stands for few billion dollars is estimated to touch the figure of $ three trillion by 2022 – 2025 and $30 to 40 trillion by 2030.

The President reiterated that there was need to revolutionize the minds of youth, constituting significant majority of local population with little dearth of talent and capacities.

“I firmly belief that our nation has recognized the relevance of technology and is keen to embrace it, however, what is needed is adequate environment and quality training,” he said.

Appreciating the presence of thousands of candidates and their enthusiasm witnessed around with all set to appear in the entrance test, the President said entrance test for the PIAC are scheduled to held at seven different centres in all province of the country in next few weeks.

President Alvi addressing the students said qualifying for the entrance test is a success in itself establishing the willingness to embrace challenges.

He urged the candidates in general and those to pass the test to remain consistent and put their best to make most of the opportunities existent around the world.

He also thanked Zia Khan of Pana Cloud (the strategic partner of PIAC), Sulaiman Mehdi, CEO of Pakistan Stock, Ejaz Farooqui of Saylani Welfare Trust, Junaid Lakhani, Qazi Rahat Ali for their efforts to the cause.

Federal Minister for Information Technology, Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui mentioned that 30,000 students had applied for the entrance test and of them over 7000, including 5500 boys and 2006, girls, were called for the test following necessary assessment.

He said the initiative is to empower youth and consequently overcome the poverty registered in varied spheres.

CEO of Pakistan Stocks, Suleiman Naqvi said seven of the current top ten companies of the world are those that are related to artificial intelligence.

Zia Khan earlier introducing a young IT expert, Muhammad Maavia said the boy serving as carpenter at Saylani Trust, with Rs. 8000/- as his monthly income, joined the training program arranged by the trust itself in close collaboration with Pana Cloud and on basis of sheer handwork and will to learn was currently earning his salary in dollars.

“There is no dearth of talent in our country we just have to explore and provide needed guidance as well as assistance to help them grow and glow,” he said reiterating importance of quality and updated training with due provision for on job capacity building.

Ejaz Farooqui said Saylani Trust firmly believes in capacity building of the people so as to end their dependence and help them contribute to the society.

It was announced on the occasion that second phase of entrance test will be held in the metropolis on January 27 in two shifts so as to accommodate the remaining screened candidates who had applied for the program.

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