Pakistan Super League broadcasting rights make history with 358% rise

Pakistan Super League broadcasting rights make history with 358% rise

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Super League broadcasting rights bid has made history with 358 percent rise from previous years.

The Pakistan Cricket Board has announced the consortium of Blitz Advertising (Pvt.) Ltd. and Techfront as its broadcast and live-streaming partner for the star-studded HBL Pakistan Super League from 2019 to 2021 for Pakistan & globally, respectively.

The new agreement is 358 percent more than the previous three years of one of the most competitive and well-organized tournaments on the planet.

The new rights cycle renews a time-tested partnership between Pakistan Cricket Board, Blitz Advertising (Pvt.) Ltd. and Techfront.

Blitz Advertising is part of Pakistan’s largest full-service communications group with nationwide presence and represents *Publicis Media*, the world’s premier media management group in Pakistan.

Techfront, a UAE-based affiliate of Global Sports Commerce (GSC), is one of the largest sports technology and management companies providing dynamic solutions and commercial management to leading sports stakeholders.

“I would like to congratulate and thank Blitz Advertising and Techfront for partnering with us once again. This is a time-tested partnership and our joint objective, for the next three years, is to ensure that HBL PSL continues to grow in terms of fan engagement.” Mr Ehsan Mani, Chairman of the PCB, said.