Imran Khan addresses Namal University convocation in Mianwali

ISLAMABAD: PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that PTI will rule in entire country soon. We will provide better facilities to the people of Pakistan in PTI government. Poor people’s kids cannot survive in this education system. As per details, Imran was addressing the ceremony of Namal University convocation in Mianwali. Imran said that unfortunately, very few children get better education but we will have to bring forward people on merit. Regarding the standard of education in Namal University, Imran said that the students of Namal University can compete students of any great university in world and now we will build Namal Technical University. Imran Khan, in his message to the students, said that those people had never failed, who stuck to their aim. Imran also warned few elders of the Seelu family that if they do not give land for Namal University, we will impose article 4 after coming in power and then no compensation will be given them against land.