MMA Chief Fazal ur Rehman set to give a blow to JI Chief Sirajul Huq

MMA Chief Fazal ur Rehman set to give a blow to JI Chief Sirajul Huq

ISLAMABAD - MMA leadership is considering to take serious steps against JI.

MMA Chief Fazal ur Rehman may expul JI from the alliance if the party does not mend its ways.

The alliance faced a severe blow after JI’s unilateral decision to abstain from voting for election of the prime minister and the National Assembly speaker.

According to sources, since the revival of MMA, great ups and downs were encountered mainly over the respective share in the alliance but senior leadership managed tensions to maintain the alliance.

However, MMA President Fazalur Rehman was placed in an embarrassing situation because he was lobbying for Pakistan Muslim League -Nawaz’s (PML-N) candidate for the premiership slot and JI abstained from voting.

The MMA leadership was offended by JI’s unilateral decision and has decided to review JI’s participation in the alliance.

The JI leadership is also facing great resistance within the party to quit the alliance because party workers mainly attributed their shocking defeat in the general elections to the JI’s re-entry into the alliance.

According to sources, JI will decide whether to remain a part of the religious alliance after Eidul Azha because its workers were left unsatisfied ever since it joined the alliance.

If the JI fails to make a decision over the matter and continues to act unilaterally, the party could face an embarrassing exclusion from the alliance as the MMA leadership cannot justify and defend such acts in public.