Solar Panels installs at PMP for green energy to protect earth


ISLAMABAD: (APP) Solar panels have been installed at Philip Morris Pakistan (PMP) manufacturing facilities in Kotri and Sahiwal under broader sustainability strategy to create an eco-friendly environment.

The initiative corresponds to primary objectives of Earth Day, being celebrated by United Nations and international community on April 22 as a demonstration of their support for environmental protection.

The recently installed solar panels have a combined capacity of 458.6 kilowatt peak (kWP) and are capable of CO2 emission reduction by up to 362 tones/annum.

Company's Director Operations, Alejandro Okroglic on Thursday said introduction of eco-friendly solar panels at sites demonstrates commitment to sustainability and energy saving.

In the context of Pakistan, "We realize that by utilizing viable energy-saving technology and adopting sustainable practices companies like ours can have a very positive impact," he said.

The Philip Morris International (PMI) has established ambitious emission reduction targets which included a long-term commitment to a 20 per cent reduction in fossil-fuel related energy and CO2 emissions from its factories, and a 30 per cent reduction in its carbon footprint across whole value chain by 2020.

Furthermore, PMI is actively backing reforestation efforts in Pakistan, in areas where wood is used in tobacco production.

Under this programme, more than one million saplings have been planted in 2015 in District Attock in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This effort was made to promote good agricultural practices and support environmental sustainability.