Who is Imran Khan? PM tells the Saudi media

Who is Imran Khan? PM tells the Saudi media

*ISLAMABAD - Imran Khan is an ordinary man who had big dreams, and then struggled to achieve his dreams, the prime minister told Saudi Gazette.*

In an exclusive interview with the Saudi newspaper, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that his government will change the way Pakistan has been governed.

“We want to make Pakistan to be a country where we invest in human resources, we spend money on human beings rather than on infrastructure,” PM Khan said.

PM Khan, as an opposition politician, has always been a strong critic of Pakistan’s involvement in US-led war against terror and he believes that it was not Pakistan’s war.

“Pakistan opted to join the war on terror which had nothing to do with it,” PM Khan told the Saudi newspaper. “The people who were responsible for 9/11 were not in Pakistan, no Pakistani was involved and Al-Qaeda was in Afghanistan.”

The prime minister said that Pakistan got involved in this war for no reason and lost 88,000 lives.