British government has sent a clear message to Pakistan

British government has sent a clear message to Pakistan

LONDON: The British government has delivered a clear message to Pakistan over issue of money laundering and repatriation of criminals to Pakistan.

It said that it will constructively work with the Pakistani government.

However the authorities revealed that any action in the UK would follow due legal process, ensuring that rights of people are protected and nothing happens outside of the legal ambit.

Foreign and Commonwealth (FCO) said the British government was “aware of the political sensitivities involved” and would make sure that due legal process was followed.

When asked about the announcements made by Prime Minister Imran Khan himself and his cabinet ministers, alleging that billions of Pounds have been looted from Pakistan and stored in London illegally, the spokesman said Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is best placed to assess whether “assets are legal or illegal”.

The spokesman refused to make comment about any individual or party or statements issued in Pakistan but stressed that any action from the UK’s side will be guided by the justice system, not political rhetoric or necessities.

The spokesman added that ultimately the British judicial and justice system will have a final say in what’s right and what’s wrong.

“Although it would ultimately be for the courts to decide,” he added. The UK government spokesperson said that tackling corruption was a UK government priority and “we will continue to work constructively with Pakistan on this issue”.

When asked again if the UK government will be cooperating with Pakistan’s government in the manner it wants or as portrayed in Pakistani media as if actions against lots of people was imminent, the spokesman clarified that nothing will happen outside of the courts system and through existing legal and diplomatic channels – everything leading towards the courts.