FATA absorption in KPK: Tribal elders reject proposal

FATA absorption in KPK: Tribal elders reject proposal

BAJAUR AGENCY: (APP) The tribal elders here on Tuesday demanded reforms and positive changes in Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) and rejecting absorption into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province,  warned protest movement against the move.

In a press conference, Tribal Elders Malik Abdul Aziz, Malik Hafiz ur Rehman, Malik Ayaz Khan, Malik Sultan Zaib, Malik Taj, Malik Faqeer, Malik Hazrat Noor, Malik Daud Shah and Malik Abdul Nasir said that positive changes in administrative system of FATA and reforms would warmly be welcomed.

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They said that any step in the name of reforms controversial to traditional norms of FATA would strongly be resisted, adding that KP province is already facing financial constraints and absorption of FATA in the province would aggravate problems for the people of both the KP and FATA.

They also demanded constitution of FATA Council, early reconstruction, rehabilitation and development of infrastructure in affected areas for revival normal life.