US further pressurized Pakistan on Afghanistan

US further pressurized Pakistan on Afghanistan

The United States has stressed Pakistan to open its doors to Afghans seeking protection. The US State Department conveyed this message on a Thursday, emphasizing the need for Afghanistan's neighboring countries, including Pakistan, to permit entry for Afghans in search of international sanctuary.

Furthermore, the State Department urged these nations to collaborate with international humanitarian organizations to facilitate the provision of humanitarian aid.

As reported by Reuters, a spokesperson from the US State Department stated, "We strongly encourage Afghanistan's neighbors, including Pakistan, to allow entry for Afghans seeking international protection and to coordinate with international humanitarian organizations to provide humanitarian assistance."

In response to this appeal, Pakistan has established a deadline of November 1 for all illegal immigrants, which includes a substantial population of Afghans, to depart the country voluntarily or face the prospect of forced expulsion. Pakistan has assured that the deportation process will be carried out systematically in phases, potentially commencing with individuals possessing criminal records.

The Taliban, who hold power in Afghanistan, have condemned Pakistan's decision to expel illegal Afghan migrants, deeming it "unacceptable." Over the past few years, relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan have grown strained, primarily due to allegations that militants fighting against the Pakistani state are operating from Afghan territory. The Taliban have consistently refuted these allegations.