Devil Comet" three times the size of Mount Everest fast approaching Earth

Devil Comet

In an unusual and captivating celestial occurrence, a colossal comet known ominously as the "Devil Comet" is making its way toward Earth for the second time in just four months.

The return of this celestial phenomenon, officially designated as 12P/Pons-Brooks, has captured the attention of scientists and sky gazers. This massive comet is approximately three times the size of Mount Everest, measuring about 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) in diameter.

This distinctive cryovolcanic or cold volcano comet is comprised of a unique blend of dust, gas, and ice referred to as cryomagma. At its core, the 12P comet is surrounded by a hazy gas cloud known as a "coma." Notably, the comet is renowned for its tendency to explosively release its icy contents into space when exposed to increased solar radiation.

Astronomers were met with a surprising discovery when the British Astronomical Association (BAA) reported that, on October 5, the "Devil Comet" was shining brighter than ever before. This brightness was primarily due to its expanding coma, which was reflecting 12 times more light than usual.

The BAA has been closely monitoring the comet's behavior and speculates that, in the upcoming days, the comet will develop two horn-like structures, resembling an outburst observed in July. The unusual shape of the coma following the comet's previous explosion was attributed to an anomaly within the comet's nucleus, as explained by BAA astronomer Richard Miles.

Notably, this marks the second explosive event involving the 12P comet, with the first occurring on July 20, during which horn-like emissions were an astonishing 7,000 times wider than the comet itself.