NHA offers big internship programme for youth

NHA offers big internship programme for youth

- ISLAMABAD - The National Highway Authority (NHA) has announced an internship program that will offer construction sector internships to 12,000 students. Prime Minister Imran Khan recently ordered the creation of the internship program to help young students find valuable experience and job opportunities in the construction sector in a bid to increase the employment rate of the country’s youth.

The Government of Pakistan announced the internship program through their Twitter account, along with the Tehreek-e-Insaf. Included in the tweet were posters of the program and information regarding positions and stipends.


The internships will be offered to students studying to become Civil Engineers, Materials Engineers, Autocad Operators, Lab Technicians (related to the construction industry), Environmental Engineers, and Safeguard Trainees. Students in their last year of study in either their degrees or diplomas are eligible to apply.

The first phase of the program will cover one-month internships that will be unpaid, whereas the second phase will have three-month internships with a stipend and a guarantee of a job offer. After the internees have completed this part of their training, they will be guaranteed a job with either an NHA firm, consultant or contractor for a minimum of 12 months. The program will include around 40 projects currently being worked on under the Public Sector Development Programme 2019-2020.