Pakistan to award LNG contracts worth billions of dollars to Russia

Pakistan to award LNG contracts worth billions of dollars to Russia

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and Russia relations are going to take another turn as Pakistan is mulling options to award contracts worth billions of dollars to the Russian companies for import of the LNG.

Petroleum import reduces while LNG import registers huge increase

Pakistan had earlier finalised such agreement with Qatar and Russia is likely to be the second country with which Pakistan would be entering such an arrangements.

Russian companies are likely to win the race as they could be awarded billions of dollars worth of contracts, officials say.

Other energy companies, particularly from the Middle East and Europe, are also vying to win LNG supply orders, but they are lagging behind.

Is Russia becoming strategic partner of Pak-China against India

Owing to growing relations between India and the United States, which is Russia’s arch rival in the global political scene, Moscow is looking towards Pakistan for deeper economic ties.

Already, Russia is at an advanced stage of talks on laying a $2-billion LNG pipeline from Karachi to Lahore for the transport of imported gas.

With changing geo political and geo strategic ground realities in the region Pakistan and Russia are slowly coming closer in economic and as well as in the defence fields.

Pakistan stands with Russia in UN over Bio-Chemical Terrorism Convention

Russian Army contigent is already in Pakistan for taking part in the first ever joint military exercises on Pakistani soil.