In another blow, Key PTI Leader faces imprisonment

In another blow, Key PTI Leader faces imprisonment

Former member of the National Assembly and ex-member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Amjad Khan Niazi, has been arrested in Mianwali. Amjad Niazi stated in his statement that he is surrendering for the sake of justice, and the cases filed against him are false.

According to the police, there are two cases registered against Amjad Niazi for creating a ruckus, breaking and entering on May 9 and 10.

Amjad Niazi was wanted in cases related to vandalism in the office of a sensitive institution and burning a model of an aircraft. The police revealed that Amjad Niazi will be presented in a special anti-terrorism court tomorrow.

On the other hand, former PTI ticket holder Barrister Khalid Nasar Dogar has also been arrested by the police from Burewala. According to the police, Khalid Nasar Dogar is involved in a clash with the police during the protest on May 10, and over 100 PTI workers are also nominated in the case.

The police stated that Khalid Nasar is accused of terrorism and other charges in the case, and the suspect was arrested based on confidential information.