Singer Meesha Shafi faces a worst embarrassing blow

Singer Meesha Shafi faces a worst embarrassing blow

ISLAMABAD Syed Farhan Ali, the manager of Ms. Meesha link Shafi, has said that he was present at the jamming session but didn’t see any act of sexual harassment by Ali Zafar as alleged by Ms. Shafi.

“I was present in the jamming session held in the house of the plaintiff, Ali Zafar. I didn’t see any act of sexual harassment by the plaintiff as alleged by the defendant,” said Mr. Farhan Ali while recording his statement in a defamation suit filed by Ali Zafar against Ms. Shafi.

Ms. Farhan said that in the (Pepsi’s) battle of bands show, the panelists were Atif Aslam, Fawad Khan, and Ms. Meesha. “Prior to the shooting of second season show, the management told us that Ali Zafar stood replaced for Atif Aslam. On the same night, Ms. Meesha informed me that she would not work with him,” he added.

Ms. Farhan said that this was the first time, she told me that that the plaintiff sexually harassed her in the past.

In my presence, Ms. Shafi told the management of Pepsi that she would not work with Ali Zafar but she further stated that she would not lose her own work as she was working prior to this induction of Ali Zafar.

Earlier Rizwan Raees, who has been both Ali Zafar’s and Meesha’s manager, testified in court that Meesha tried to threaten and blackmail Ali Zafar to pull out of a hefty amount from the multinational company and have Ali removed from it.

Zafar also claimed in his statement in court that before accusing him publicly, Shafi had sent him a message through his manager Rizwan Raees, telling him to “stay away from the Pepsi contract or she would level allegation of sexual harassment against him.”

“Meesha not only blackmailed Ali but also the multinational beverage company to extort more money from them and drop Ali Zafar from the recording. However, Ali refused to be threatened or blackmailed so she went ahead with the false allegation” said Shafi’s former manager.

Prior to Zafar, 12 eyewitnesses including three women testified in the court under oath that the alleged harassment did not take place and in fact, Ms Shafi was seen being overtly friendly with Mr. Zafar on several occasions.