Captain (R) Safdar alleged second wife, child surfaces

Captain (R) Safdar alleged second wife, child surfaces

ISLAMABAD – A video recently uploaded on social media is going viral as it allegedly shows the second wife of Captain (r) Safdar pleading for help amid sobs and tears.

The video shows a crying ‘Zarina Safdar’ firing a broadside at ‘someone’ for not having valued her in a true sense and destroying her life.

‘Today is the day of Eid and blessings, however, I am weeping on this day just because of you,’ says a lady, her voice catching with emotions.

‘You have broken my heart and I am no more a part of your life,’ says the woman without naming anyone.

The mid-aged woman- who has not named herself in the video – states that God will now take revenge and ‘you will on day realise my importance’.

Although the former ruling family has not dished in on the matter, the video was telecasted during a TV show in which it was revealed that the lady is actually the second wife of Captain (r) Safdar.

Moreover, it was also reported that the couple shares a child named ‘Azan Safdar’ who ages one and a half years. Apart from the second marriage, it was also claimed that Zarina Safdar is facing threats to her life which became a core reason for her to travel to Turkey.

‘The video was shot in Turkey,’ said the journalist Zulfiqar Rahat who landed a scoop which has yet to be officially confirmed by the members of the former ruling family.

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