‘Nawaz Sharif is an ideology’

‘Nawaz Sharif is an ideology’

ABBOTTABAD: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has has on Sunday said that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government has initiated number of development projects in Hazara division and Hazara Motorway is a gift for the region.

Addressing a public meeting in Abbottabad on Sunday, he said that the politics of sit-in has inflicted huge loss to economy of the country.

Nawaz Sharif said democracy has been repeatedly derailed in the country and there is no example of ousting an elected Prime Minister in whole world.

The former PM said that the real question was that why the caravan was looted but the real question was that how the elected representatives have been treated and how those who broke the constitution have been treated.

He went on to say that no judicial verdict can separate him from the people, adding that the people of Pakistan will give their verdict on the review petitions regarding Panama Papers case.

Sharif while further dubbing his name as an ideology, said that he would bring ‘revolutionary change’ in the country.

“Neither I am afraid of jail nor I am afraid to die,” he added.