Fuel shortage: Electricity crises in Pakistan worsens further

Fuel shortage: Electricity crises in Pakistan worsens further

*LAHORE: The electricity shortfall in the country has reached beyond 6,500 megawatts (MW) after sources in the power division blamed it on a shortage in fuel supply to power plants. *

According to sources in the power division, the overall demand for electricity in the country stands at 26,000 MW against the production of 19,420 MW.

“The power plants are not getting required LNG and coal,” they said, adding that LNG deals have been finalized, however, the payment needs to be made in dollars and the supply is being delayed owing to non-payment.

They further shared that 4,916 MW of electricity is being produced through hydropower resources, 1,084 MW from government-owned thermal power plants, 10,156 MW from private-owned power plants, 700 MW from wind energy, and 112 MW from solar energy.

Power plants operating on Bagasse are producing 166 MW of electricity while nuclear reactors are generating 2,274 MW of electricity, they said and added that the shortfall has led to upto 16 hours of loadshedding in the country.