PM Imran Khan addressed media on launch of telehealth portal

PM Imran Khan addressed media on launch of telehealth portal

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan has stated that people will have to learn to live with coronavirus until a vaccine is developed.

While addressing media in Islamabad today on the launch Tele Health Portal, PM stated that it seems like coronavirus cases will witness a surge.

“Coronavirus has affected several people. We have to learn to live with until a vaccine for it is developed. This virus will stay with us for this year,” he said.

He further said that even the developed countries are suffering economically due to Covid-19.

“If we compare our situation with European countries and US, we are still doing way better. Unfortunately, we didn’t focus much on our health sector,” he added.

Prime Minister also urged female doctors to register themselves for the government's Tele Health Portal.

"I urge all female doctors to register on this portal as you would be able to reach women in far-flung areas. This year our nation will have to join forces to fight against the virus. We previously launched an initiative for tele education and now are launching this initiative for tele health."

He added that lady doctors should volunteer for the programme as their advice will be useful for women living in rural areas.

"Even when this virus ends, we will continue this portal," he said.