18 New appointments made on important positions in Pakistan foreign embassies

18 New appointments made on important positions in Pakistan foreign embassies

*ISLAMABAD - Eighteen new appointments have been made on important positions in the state’s diplomatic hierarchy by the advice of PM Imran Khan told Shah Mehmood Qureshi , today.*

Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, Shah Mehmood Qureshi talking to the media today said: “We have appointed people on 18 important state portfolios after heeding the advice of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.”

“Pakistan’s ambassador in China has reached the end of his tenure, senior diplomat Naghmana Jaffry will be replacing the outgoing ambassador in Beijing,” revealed Qureshi.

“Moin-ul-Haq has been chosen as ambassador to New Delhi. Additional secretary Imtiaz Ahmed has been chosen as the ambassador to Japan,” he added.

“Zaheer Janjua has been chosen to lead the ambassadorial office in Belgium while Amna Baloch is raised to the position of ambassador to Malaysia, Taqleen Syed for Kenya (Nairobi), Rukhsana Afzal will perform her duties in Singapore and Khalid Jamali for Czech Republic,” announced Qureshi.

Continuing with the names of the others chosen as ambassadors to various countries, Qureshi continued: “Ata Ul Munam Shahid has been chosen as ambassador to Algeria, Sarfaraz Ahmed Sapra designated to Sudan, Imran Haider to Tajikista, Abdul Aziz Tariq ambassador to Brunei and Muhammad Khalid Rao would perform his duties as ambassador to Bosnia.”

Khalid Majeko promoted to council general to Jeddah, Ayesha Abbas as council general New York, Mr. Muazzam has been appointed ambassador to Abu Dhabi and Ghulam Dastgeer will lead the office in Kuwait’s embassy.

He also announced Khalil Ullah and Javed Khattak as ambassadors to Russia, Moscow and Portugal respectively.

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