Pakistan well aware of its defence needs against Indian Hegemonic Designs

Pakistan well aware of its defence needs against Indian Hegemonic Designs

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Pakistan well aware of its defence needs against Indian Hegemonic Designs


Advisor to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs, Sartaj Aziz on Thursday apprised the Senate that Pakistan has serious concerns over recent Indian missile tests and will take all necessary measures to augment its defence capabilities.


Giving statement in Senate on India's test of Supersonic Interceptor, he said that India on May 15 conducted an interceptor missile test of its advanced Air Defence Missile Ashwin .


"We are not oblivious to our defence needs and will have to upgrade our defensive capabilities through suitable technologies without entering into an arms race," he said


He informed that India has also recently conducted tests of nuclear capable, submarine based K4 Ballistic Missiles. He said large nuclear powered submarines are being built to carry these nuclear armed missile as a part of its second strike nuclear capability.


Sartaz Aziz said that these two developments are part of the massive conventional nuclear and missile development programmes being pursued by India, which are now leading to nuclearization of Indian Ocean .


"The deployment of these nuclear powered and nuclear armed missiles in the Indian Ocean , will not only upset the strategic balance in South Asia but will also affect the maritime security of all the 32 around the Indian Ocean ," he said.


He said that development of Anti-Ballistic Missile System may give India a false sense of security, leading to unexpected complications.


Sartaz Aziz said that their efforts for peace and friendship must not be interpreted as a sign of weakness. "Pakistan is fully prepared to defence its people and its borders," he said.


"Such actions are also contrary to the policy of a peaceful and friendly neighborhood, which our Prime Minister has repeatedly espoused," he said.


He said that Pakistan had offered discussions on an ABM Free Zone in South Asia as part of nuclear confidence building measures, adding Indian has not so far responded favorably.


He informed that despite limitation of resources, Pakistan has developed a robust nuclear deterrence, which is constantly updated.


Sartaj Aziz said that Pakistan has planned to highlight the dangerous implication of India's plans to nuclearize the Indian Ocean in all relevant international for a.


He said that one specific proposal under consideration is to move a resolution in the next session of the General Assembly in September 2016 to declare the Indian Ocean a 'nuclear free zone'.


"We are also taking up this issue with all the major powers bilaterally and through multilateral fora," he said.


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