Musharraf plea for immunity in Judges detention case rejected


ISLAMABAD: Former President Pervaiz Musharraf plea for immunity to appear before court has been rejected by Special Anti-Terrorism Court in Judges detention case.

As per details, court upheld the verdict of accused arrest warrant and ordered to present him before court on next hearing. Judges detention case hearing was held here at today in Special court of anti-terrorism by Judge Sohail Akram .

ATC Judge expressed his displeasure over not presenting arrest warrant report of accused by IG Police.

Pervaiz Musharraf counsel Akhtar Shah submitted immunity plea to appear before court on temporary base but plea has been rejected by court.

The Apex Judge said that he had already rejected plea of permanent immunity to appear before court then how could he accept temporary immunity plea.

While rejecting immunity plea, court ordered to present accused before court on July 12.

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