RAW - CIA secret regime change plan to topple PM Imran Khan government in Pakistan?

RAW - CIA secret regime change plan to topple PM Imran Khan government in Pakistan?
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RAW - CIA secret regime change plan to topple PM Imran Khan government in Pakistan?

ISLAMABAD - Multiple reports in national and international media have made stunning revelations over the level of foreign involvement in the recent political crisis in Pakistan. A No Confidence Motion has been submitted in the National Assembly of Pakistan for removal of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Media reports have claimed that Foreign Intelligence Agencies have launched a regime change operation in Pakistan against Pakistani PM Imran Khan. Billions of rupees have been pumped into Pakistan to topple the PM Imran Khan government. The important question arises as to Who wants to overthrow PM Imran Khan and WHY?

Pakistani PM Imran Khan emerged as a leader of muslim world at the UN winning the long standing cases of the Muslim Ummah. Forcefully raising the issues of International Islamophobia, Blasphemy, Western hypocrisy in Kashmir,Palestine and India’s rising hindutva gave him unprecedented stature at the international diplomatic levels. PM Imran Khan efforts to reunite the Muslim world with an Islamic block consisting of Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Malaysia tilted towards China and Russia further gave him lot of respect not in the Muslim world but in China and Russia too. PM Imran Khan‘s successful visit of China and Russia further gave him an international standing but at the same time annoying the Western World led by US.

PM Imran Khan’s visit to Russia witnessed an unprecedented protocol given to any Pakistani PM after decades. Ironically, the visit came at the day when Russia attacked Ukraine and became the centre of international attention. Reports have revealed that PM Imran Khan was conveyed a strong message against visiting Russia. Reportedly Pakistani National Security Advisor was also telephoned by his US Counterpart for stopping PM Imran Khan's visit to Russia. Pakistani PM decided to proceed to Russia as per schedule, rejecting the US pressure. Pakistan was reportedly conveyed of strong consequences for this act of commission.

US was already annoyed with PM Imran khan over his refusal to provide military bases to the USAF for follow up operations in post withdrawal Afghanistan. The infamous saying of PM Imran Khan to the US of “Absolutely Not” and the orders to PAF for shooting down any more US drones violating Pakistan's territorial integrity are unheard of answers  for the US from any Pakistani leader. Who can dare it?

Furthermore, Pakistani PM Imran Khan refused to condemn Russia over the Ukrainian invasion and took an independent foreign policy stance based on national security interests and aligned with the country's main strategic ally China. US and EU asked Pakistani PM Imran khan to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Pakistani PM Khan refused to do so and further asked the West why it does not condemn Indian war crimes in Occupied Kashmir. Furthermore PM Imran Khan's remarks of “ Kya hum tumaray kammi hain’ (Are we your low caste servants) to the top US and EU leadership gave him international and national honour and respect. Furthermore. PM Khan’s refusal to join the virtual democracy summit hosted by the US and not towing the US line at the UN over the Russian invasion added fuel to the fire.

Pakistan under leadership of PM Imran Khan further abstained from the UN General Assembly resolutions sponsored by the US against Russia. It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan’s foreign policy stance at the UN remained in coherence with strategic ally China. PM Khan advocated an independent foreign policy at home and abroad free of US influence and in the best interest of the country's regional and international interest. PM Imran Khan had clearly elaborated that Pakistan does not want enmity with any country including US and EU but this does not mean that any oppressive, insulting or unjust aggressive behaviour will be tolerated any more. The US is not happy at all with this.

US government spokesperson refused to comment on these remarks in the state department media briefings. However, the refusal was not by any means indication that these remarks have been ignored by the US. Reportedly the US had conveyed the same to the Pakistani diplomatic staff at Washington. The Pakistani PM had hinted at the same threat in his public address in Islamabad with the letter in his hands revealing the international establishment conspiracy against Pakistan. PM Khan’s refusal to budge before the US pressure will have its price, warned the US officials. The threat coincided with a No Confidence Motion against Pakistani PM Imran Khan to topple his government in Islamabad. The US had planned a regime change in Pakistan and reportedly the threatening letter had mentions of the No Confidence Vote against PM Khan for regime change.

Regime Change  has been the favourite hobby for the CIA in the past many decades of the Cold War. Arab Revolution, Spring Revolution, Orange Revolution are some of the examples of soft approach. The successful military coup against Mohammad Morsi in Egypt and unsuccessful military  coup against President Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey are some of the examples of the hard approach of regime change. The US President Biden's speech of regime change in Russia against President Putin further gave strength to the US policy of regime change. Furthermore, US top diplomats and officials admitted that the regime change operations were conducted by CIA for regime change in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq.

Since PM Imran Khan took over the reins of government in 2018, an international lobby  has been propagating against the PTI government in Pakistan. FATF greylist and IMF bailout package were the economic tools of the US for arm twisting of PM Imran Khan government in Pakistan. A maligned propaganda campaign was also launched at the International front over slowdown of CPEC projects and deteriorating relations with China.

On the other hand, all these developments were being closely monitored by arch rival India. India cannot witness the rise of Pakistan at the international diplomatic front under the charismatic leadership of PM Imran Khan. This shatters PM Modi’s dream of isolating Pakistan at the international diplomatic front. PM Imran Khan has been the main force in exposing rising Hindu extremism in the World. PM Imran Khan has been instrumental in exposing the RSS agenda of Indian PM Narendra Modi across the World. Furthermore, PM Imran Khan forcefully fought the case against the Indian aggression in Occupied Kashmir across the World, annoying the Modi regime in India.

Furthermore, PM Imran Khan's government successful venture of OIC Conference in Islamabad made Pakistan a hub of muslim world unity. The presence of strategic ally China making a renewed partnership cum friendship offer with muslim world emerged as a nightmare for India.  This was not acceptable to India. Furthermore, the wound which Pakistan Air Force had inflicted upon PM Modi over the arrested Indian Air Force Pilot Abhinandan was still bleeding. Indian PM Modi had to face a huge embarrassment at the international front. This is where the India's interest unites with US. Both shared another common enemy China which is the key strategic ally of Pakistan.

PM Khan government was able to sail Pakistan through with much appreciation. Economic indicators of high GDP growth of 5-6% despite coronavirus pandemic slowdown across the World, Historic rise in Exports, Unprecedented Tax collections, lowest unemployment rate post pandemic gave Pakistan much needed economic stability. PM Khan envisioned economic stability in Pakistan so as to formulate an independent foreign policy free of western economic bargains. This is not acceptable to either the US or India. Here the national interests of India and US coincide and the American CIA joins hands with Indian RAW for regime change in Pakistan.

RAW - CIA joined hands to topple Imran Khan regime akin to former Pakistani PM Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. The Intelligence contacts were already deep between Indian RAW and US CIA in Afghanistan for the last two decades.Reportedly, Rs 50 billion have been injected into the Pakistani political system to dethrone PM Imran Khan. Sources have claimed that billions of rupees have been distributed in Pakistani and international media sections and select journalists who have been all out supporting the removal of Pakistani PM Imran Khan. Reports claim that Rs 5 billion have been distributed to buy loyalties of at least two dozen MPs of PM Imran Khan party. Media reports have further claimed that Rs 2 billion have been given to the head of the politico/religious party.

Reportedly, US and Western envoys have held secret meetings with Pakistani exiled leadership in London. Reports have revealed that Indian agencies, agents and diplomats have also held such meetings. Some reports have circulated that even Israelis were present along with the Indian agents. It is pertinent to mention here that PM Imran Khan had refused to recognise Israel despite direct and indirect pressure from the US. This is where the Israeli involvement comes in making it a trio against Pakistan PM Imran Khan. Furthermore, PM Imran Khan had taken a bold stance against Israeli aggression in Palestine.

Some US and EU envoys and embassy officials have also been meeting with the opposition parties leadership in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. The Opposition parties including the religio-political party leadership have clearly thrown their weight along with the US and West. Ironically, religious party leadership has sought some sort of intervention from the US and UN for saving democracy in Pakistan. The talks of the national government in Islamabad are also being circulated. US and West desperation against PM Imran Khan is so severe that they may be ready to even accept the military takeover to dethrone PM Imran Khan. Furthermore, Opposition parties leadership have openly offered the Pakistani military chief the extension in tenure on the conditions of support to the opposition parties. This makes things further complicated when the emerging scenario drags the military in political confrontation in the country.

RAW sponsored Indian media is running a full fledged campaign against the Pakistani PM. Indian media is jubilant with the reported rift between the Pakistani PM and the security establishment and this has been blown out of proportion in the Indian media and the linked international media outlet. Reportedly PM Khan and COAS General Bajwa had some disagreements over the posting of the then ISI Chief. The matter was resolved under the law amicably. However, Fake accounts have been run on social media for further widening the rift between the civil and military in Pakistan and such accounts are reported to be being run from India. Indian social media accounts running the twitter trend of #GenBajwaDumpedPMImranKhan.

Opposition leaders in Pakistan have been cleverly used by the international intelligence agencies directly and indirectly. Threats were even hurled for blocking the OIC Conference in Islamabad. The PTI supporters attack on the Sindh House in Islamabad was being depicted as an attack by the federation on the Sindh province. Such claims depicted the frustration and the desperation in the ranks of opposition parties to further the agenda of foreign agencies knowingly or unknowingly. Retired Indian military and intelligence officials on social media projected a civil war like scenario in Pakistan.

Furthermore, Exiled Pakistani leader in UK and Chief of MQM-London Altaf Hussain has been suddenly given a clean chit by a London Court allowing him to take part in Pakistani politics. Ironically, in the past he had admitted the support of RAW to strike unrest in Pakistan's economic capital Karachi through the network of his political party MQM-London. As per the reports, Altaf Hussain has called his MQM-Pakistan former colleagues to fully support the Opposition parties alliance for overthrowing the PM Imran Khan government in Islamabad. Reports have claimed that an Indian origin top politician in London has facilitated the RAW operation. Another interesting development came from the CEO of the London Based Firm Mr. Moussavi in favour of former Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif in London. His statement gave Sharif clean chit over the alleged corruption charges in London giving him some form of enhanced credibility in Pakistani public. There was some form of strange coincidence between the two actions.

Regime change has been the mission of CIA and RAW.In past few decades of these regime change missions across the World foreign troops hardly took over the hostile country rather the opposition leaders or the military take over was done. The US want to teach Pakistani PM Imran Khan a lesson for daring to speak against mighty America and in the national interest of Pakistan.

The scenario is similar to the fateful exit of former Pakistani PM Zulfiqar Bhutto who dared to challenge US and India and refused to budge to the international pressure over Pakistani nuclear programme. Ironically, PM Bhutto had also tilt towards China and Russia and was warned by US of dangerous consequences. PM Bhutto also championed muslim unity and in another similarity with PM Khan, Bhutto too had held a historic OIC Summit in Islamabad. What happened with PM ZA Bhutto is a black part of Pakistan's history. Is HISTORY repeating itself in Pakistan?