Drone attack on Saudi Arabia Oil Refinery

Drone attack on Saudi Arabia Oil Refinery

DUBAI - A drone attack on an oil refinery in Saudi Arabia's capital Riyadh caused a fire that was brought under control, the Saudi energy ministry said in a statement carried by state media.

The attack happened at 6:05 am Saudi time, the statement said.

The refinery is operated by state-controlled oil giant Saudi Aramco. The attack did not result in injuries or deaths, and did not disrupt the supply of oil or oil derivatives, the energy ministry said.

Earlier, Yemen's Houthi group said they targeted the site with six drones.

"Our armed forces carried out at dawn today an operation... with six drones which targeted the Aramco company in the capital of the Saudi enemy, Riyadh," said Yahya Sarea, a Houthi military spokesman.