India faces humiliating defeat at hands of Pakistan in top UN body

India faces humiliating defeat at hands of Pakistan in top UN body

ISLAMABAD - Adviser to Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam Wednesday said India again faced a humiliating defeat at the 4th session of the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) in Nairobi and is concerned over Pakistan’s submission of dossier accentuating Indian ‘Eco-Terrorism’ after intruding in Pakistani protected area.

Talking to APP here, the adviser said that it was an unexpected stance for India and had put it in a fix.

“The world has recognized our commitment towards the precious natural reserves and realized that how seriously we consider nature. It has been our obligation to use international forum to defend country’s assets. We have submitted the details and relevant information in the UNEA where the action will proceed accordingly,” he said.

Amin Aslam said that he also had meetings with his counterparts from China, Kenya, South Korea and Japan at the sidelines of the 4th session of UNEA.

“They all have appreciated Pakistan’s principle stance and lauded its efforts for mitigating the impacts of climate change and environment conservation,” he added. We had achieved our set targets in the UNEA and were satisfied with propitious outcomes, he noted.

The dossier presented on March 15 by the adviser to the president of UNEA demanded the United Nations to withdraw its award of Champions of the Earth conferred on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.