Syrian children are forced to eat grass in besieged towns: WFP

DAMASCUS: UN World Food Programme claimed that Syrian children are forced to eat grass in besieged areas due to non supply of food.


WFP claimed that people are suffering in towns of Deir al-Zor seige by ISIS and Darya by government forces.


WFP report said “In the most severe cases, they are enduring entire days without eating, sending children to beg and eating grass/wild vegetarian.”


WFP claimed that food ingredients are available in siege areas at an extortionate cost which is several times higher than the cost in the Damascus.


WFP urged international community to send aid to the besieged areas to control the humanitarian crises.


Syria has entered into 6th year of its civil war which killed more than a quarter of million and displaced half of the population.


UN and other countries are struggling to resolve the conflict and as a result of efforts, Russia has started to withdraw its forces from Syria.