Pakistan's foreign policy achieves national interests goals

Pakistan's foreign policy achieves national interests goals

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Advisor to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz Sunday reasserted that contours of Pakistan's foreign policy to achieve economic stability and trade growth through vast regional connectivity have met success during the last two years.

He said under the global realignment policies, Pakistan increased its trade and energy connectivity in the region, thus assuming the epicenter of colossal economic activities which would transform the facade of entire region.

In an interview with the PTV, the Advisor defended the blueprints of the government's foreign policy by saying that the country's profile with regard to enhancement of its ties with the Central Asian Republics, China, the European and the Islamic countries have witnessed marked improvement.

"Our brotherly and friendly ties with the Islamic countries, including Saudi Arabia and Iran, have enhanced. We have been maintaining a balanced policy and our role is very constructive," he added.

Sartaj maintained that Pakistan would not interfere into the internal affairs of the countries and that approach had gain global appreciation.

He said Pakistan had a very effective role in the United Nations and Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC), besides the role it was going to play in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

He said when the PML-N government was formed, it improved the country's relations with the US and the suspended strategic dialogue process was resumed.

Moreover, he said Pakistan strongly raised the issue of drone attacks by adopting a strict policy. Prior to the PML-N government, there were 117 drone strikes in the country, but due to the effective policy, those were reduced to three.

However, Sartaj maintained that they had raised the issue very strongly at the international forums as it was linked to the national security and sovereignty which could not be compromised.