India's worst HR track record in Kashmir

India's worst HR track record in Kashmir

MIRPUR: (APP) Expressing dismay over India's worst human rights track record in Kashmir the deputy convener of National Front Altaf Hussain Wani said that India has miserably failed to implement recommendations regarding the need to reform laws and policies to ensure accountability of state actors for violations of right to life and establishment of inquiry commission for extra judicial killings.

"Whatever steps India has taken are lingering in legislative process", Wani made these assertions while taking part in a discourse on special rapporteur on extra judicial, summary and arbitrary executions on the sidelines of UNHRC session in Geneva ,says a message released to the media here Monday afternoon.

The Kashmiri leader stated that impunity continues to prevail and remains a serious impediment in the process of accountability.

"The result is that the vulnerable persons, including women, human rights defenders, marginalized groups and people of political dissent continue to remain at risk of violence and often resulting in death", he added.

In Indian occupied Kashmir the APHC leader pointed out that there was no stop to fake encounters stage-managed by the police, central reserve police and Indian army to earn promotions and rewards.

During first five months of this year (2016) he said that over 12 cases of extra-judicial killings have been reported by the local human rights groups.

"Killings of Shahista Hammed 22 and Danih Farooq 19 University students on 14th of Feb, 2014 at Pulwama followed by five innocent killings in Hundwara, including a budding cricketer Naim Bhat and 70 year old women Hajra Begum by Indian army are glaring examples of state terrorism", he said.

Referring to the killing of Tanveer Sultan Sheikh of Bambina Srinagar, Wani said that the innocent youth was killed in a fake encounter in Kudd.

He said that Tanveer who has some health aliments was traveling from Srinagar to Amritsar in state transport Bus was unfortunately killed in cold blood and branded as a terrorist. He was of the view that reports by Special rapporteurs always reflect the concerns of the civil society and victims of human rights violations.

"But are they given proper importance by the state parties and are recommendations implemented in letter and spirit is a big question", he said.

Wani urged that special rapporteur and this council must remind government of India of its international obligations and improve its record of human rights and end policy of repression and victimization in Indian Occupied Jammu Kashmir, message concludes.