Balochistan Budget 2016-17 : Facts and Figures 

Balochistan Budget 2016-17 : Facts and Figures 

QUETTA:(APP) The Rs 289.356 billion Balochistan Budget 2016-17 with a deficit of Rs 36.485 billion has been unveiled in the session of the Balochistan Assembly held, here on Sunday evening.

The new fiscal budget includes Rs 218.174 billion of non-development expenditures and Rs 71.182 billion of Annual Development Program.

The 10 percent increase in salaries of government employees was made and 3,222 new jobs in government departments for unemployed youth were created in the new budget.

The income of the province during new fiscal year 2016-17 will be over Rs 252.871 billion which include federal receipts from the center under National Finance Commission Award, Divisible Pool and on other different heads. It will also receive Rs 10 billion from Islamabad on head of Gas Development Surcharge.

As per details, the receipts from the divisible pool are Rs 182.605 billion, direct transfers over Rs 14.238 billion, others Rs 10 billion and capital revenue receipts Rs 36.908 billion. The province will get income from its own resources which are estimated Rs 09.120 billion. The foreign aid estimated at Rs 6.181 billion.

The Public Sector Development Program has outlay of Rs 71.182 billion including schemes for education, health, law and order, irrigation and agriculture, communication, infrastructure, water and energy sectors.

Chief Minister, Nawab Sanaullah Khan Zehri presented the annual budget of Balochistan for fiscal year 2016-17 in the assembly session presided over by Speaker Ms. Raheela Hameed Khan Durrani.

The volume of the budget is Rs 289.356 billion which have a deficit of Rs 36.485 billion. The non-development expenditures were estimated at Rs 218.174 billion. A sum of Rs 10 billion was allocated for ongoing schemes. The capital expenditures are estimated at Rs 33.413 billion.

The province has expected an income of Rs 252.871 billion during next financial year which include federal receipts, revenues and foreign aid.

A sum of Rs 28.93 billion was allocated for education sector. Funds were suggested for construction of new buildings of schools, provision of basic necessary facilities to them including drinking water, walls and provision of furniture while the up-gradation of schools was among the program.

Three medical colleges would be established in Khuzdar, Loralai and Turbat and 70 middle schools were suggested to be upgraded to high school in different areas of the province.

Health sector will receive a sum for over Rs 17.36 billion for its development and non-development expenditures. Under the new health budget, new health centers will be established while already hospitals and basic health centers will receive machinery, medicines and other necessary facilities.

A sum of Rs 30.25 billion was allocated for law and order which include provision of modern weapons and vehicles to police, Levies Force and Balochistan Constabulary while the provincial government would also provide financial assistance to Frontier Corps under these allocations.

A sum of Rs 12 billion was suggested for General Administration expenditures. Funds were allocated in the budget for provision of three thousands new jobs to youth of Balochistan in order to resolve issue of unemployment.

A sum of Rs 10 billion was earmarked for water supply schemes for provincial capital Quetta and another sum of Rs 05 billion was allocated for beautification and improvement of infrastructure in Quetta.

A sum of Rs 03 billion was allocated for provision of basic civic amenities in five divisional headquarters of the province including uplift of Gwadar port city.

A sum of Rs 02 billion was suggested for Quetta Mass Transit Train and separately, Rs 01 billion were earmarked for Quetta Green Bus Service project.

Under Quetta Water Supply Project, Quetta city will get water supply from Pat Feeder Canal which will cost Rs 40 billion. A sum of Rs 10 billion was allocated in Balochistan Budget 2016-17 for this scheme.

The provincial government has planned to distribute laptops among students of educational institutions for fee and it suggested a sum of Rs 500 million for laptop scheme.

A sum of Rs 05 billion was suggested for development schemes of local councils. Quetta Municipal Corporation will get Rs 500 million grant.

A sum of over Rs 03 billion was allocated for Livestock sector. Agriculture sector will receive Rs 7.40 billion.

It was fourth budget of the coalition government of Balochistan and first ever budget of Nawab Zehri government.