PM Imran Khan strategy saved Pakistan from a big economic disaster

PM Imran Khan strategy saved Pakistan from a big economic disaster

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Tuesday that Pakistan’s strategy related to coronavirus situation remained successful, adding that a complete lockdown could cause terrifying outcome.

The prime minister gave the remarks after Planning Minister Asad Umar gave briefing to federal cabinet about affects of coronvirus on Pakistan in the light of the survey conducted by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

He told that 20 million people lost their source of income in April 2020 but smart lockdown policy and wise strategy helped reopening manufacturing and construction sectors that provided jobs to people.

Prime minister’s timely decision restored the jobs of nearly 95% epole in the country, he said, adding that the government announced country’s biggest economic package to help people in the tough times.

The prime minister appreciated the NCOC, finance ministry and Ehsas Programme for transparent distribution of funds among deserving people.

He said that the government had to take tough decision regarding economy when he came into power, besides admitting that the policies affected the lives of common people/

He said that with the blessing of Allah Almight coronavirus cases are now decreasing.