UN Security Council calls for efforts toward stability in Lebanon

UN Security Council calls for efforts toward stability in Lebanon

UNITED NATIONS: United Nations Security Council (UNSC) called for regional efforts to bring stability to Lebanon and asked Lebanese political parties to disassociate themselves from external conflicts.

In a press statement, the UNSC welcomed Prime Minister Saad Hariri's return to Lebanon and his decision to continue his term while reaffirming strong support for the stability, security, territorial integrity, sovereignty and political independence of Lebanon.

The UNSC called upon all regional states and organizations to work for the stability and security of Lebanon, in full respect of its sovereignty and integrity, said the statement.

"The members of the Security Council called upon all Lebanese parties to implement a tangible policy of disassociation from any external conflicts, as an important priority," it said.

Hariri announced his surprise resignation in a televised speech from Saudi Arabia on Nov. 4, triggering a political crisis in Lebanon and heightened regional tensions. Hariri withdrew his resignation earlier this month.

The Security Council reaffirmed its support for the ongoing efforts of the Lebanese authorities to restore normal functioning of institutions and prepare for the holding of legislative elections by May 2018, said the statement.

It also called upon the Lebanese government to accelerate its program of reforms in order to ensure political and economic stability, with full participation of both women and men.

The Security Council encouraged the international community to increase its support to Lebanon's political, social and economic stability.

Noting that the Lebanese Armed Forces are the only legitimate armed forces of Lebanon, the statement also showed support for their efforts to extend the control of the Lebanese government over all Lebanese territory.